Seven Days on Seven…

Seven days of Dexcom’s Seven Continuous Glucose Monitor and what have I learned?

Good control via A1c is deceptive, although I already knew that. I wonder if my pattern will ever be like rolling waves and not the cyclone roller coaster ride at Coney Island? Focusing, obsessively, on my blood sugar all day is not, necessarily, a good use of my time. Focusing on my diabetes to tighten control is, definitely, a good thing. Putting in the CGM site seems a bit more cumbersome than it need be. I don’t like this additional site. I am thin and real estate is at a premium. I have been getting some bad pump sites of late, which is a whole other discussion. I wanted more compassion/attention from manufacturer and CDE. I like knowing what my blood sugar is at a glance. The remote receiver is too big; I carry a cell phone, a glucometer and an insulin pump everyday and this receiver is the size of another small cell phone. I won’t wear a fanny pack. I am paying closer attention to my diabetes although that sometimes feels impossible to do!

After submitting 5 days of wild riding sugars my CDE made two of the smallest adjustments imaginable. My sugar seems more stable today! Psychosomatic? How long will it take me to incorporate the inconveniences into my daily life for the holy grail of knowing my blood sugar at a moments notice? I think I just did it.