Catching that train

Before I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1983, I paid close attention to train and bus schedules. When I commuted between Long Island and New York City, I knew when every train left the station. I knew which ones were express and which ones were local. I knew what train I could catch based on what time I left the office. Things have changed. My penchant for tracking times has been refocused. Now I can tell you what time I bolused. How long until my insulin peaks. What time I should do a blood test. In general, focusing on every minute of every day to pay very close attention to where my blood sugar is. Those are the scheduled times that I worry about now. The bus or the train? I don’t even know what the schedule is and even better, I don’t care. I walk to the bus station at the end of the day and I hop on what ever bus is going to my town. I have enough numbers and calculations on my mind managing diabetes 24/7/365.