Healthy Living With Diabetes

For the last year or so, in addition to work, life and other projects, I have been producing a course on living with diabetes. It is the first course of, hopefully, many. This first course is an introduction to learning about food, what it does to blood sugar and how to make healthy choices when shopping in the supermarket. You can find the course here:

Check it out. Share it with your friends who live with diabetes. We all know someone with diabetes, the statistics have us approaching 30% of the population as being affected by diabetes. It is a relentless condition. 24/7/365 and sometimes we get lost on our journey to a healthy lifestyle. Being aware and mindful of the foods we eat, the exercise we get and the medication we take is paramount to successful diabetes care. I hope you can benefit from this course or know someone who can!

Here’s to a healthy life!


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