Taking Control

Diabetes requires YOU to be 100% involved in your own diabetes management. It requires you to be the leader of your own diabetes management team. Team members should include, at the very least, an Endocrinologist, a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Nutritionist. For more comprehensive care and management you may also want a Cardiologist and a Physical Trainer. You should also make sure to include any other relevant medical professionals for your specific needs. Diabetes is 24/7/365 (366 this year :)). Any additional management resources you, as a PWD(Person With Diabetes) can add to your own care is highly recommended.  The Diabetes Project has a course that may help newly diagnosed people or people who want a refresher in how to best manage their diabetes. There are free coupons available for this course.  https://www.udemy.com/course/healthylivingwithdiabetes/?referralCode=5F2C7106F026E4721138

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